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Seagull with an eye in its peak after to have killed a tourist in the beach

Local police where I’m passing my holidays found the killer of the beach towels. Its modus operandi was very similar, thing that gave the track to the police for catching it. The police chief told me what happened:

- “The seagull perceived its victim, generally in hide zones of the beach, like rocky zones where tourists were sunbathing quietly lying on a rock. Then, armed with a knife, it dived to the person and with cruelty started to stab until to kill them. But recently the seagull didn’t hide its actions, so it started too killing in the own beach in the afternoon, disturbing the last tourists that remained still on the beach. It is curious how the seagull pulled out the eyes of its victims and executed a strange ritual on the beach, generally in places where children had built castles of sand.”

Fortunately for the tourists, the damned bird has been captured, so they can sunbathe again without the risk of being attacked by the mad seagull. Ornithologists around the world are coming here for studying this strange behaviour and are investigating if other seagulls could be infected by this uncommon disorder.


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