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Good manners, when some kinds of people try to rob a bank, are missing. Nowadays, people that want to commit a robbery in a bank think that they can go for doing this action with a sock in the head and a pop gun. They go without a determined plan, without a studied modus operandi, without a car running waiting in the door of the bank… Desperation is bad and they are resolute to rob the bank anyway.

It happened to a “bank robber with fake breasts and wearing clown costume that was arrested by police” To go to rob a bank disguised like an asshole isn’t a good manner for robbing neither in a supermarket, because you attract the attention to yourself.

Sure that the personal of the bank, only seeing the man entering to the bank started to laugh.

- "See, it’s the typical robber that want to rob us, even with a water gun! Ha ha ha ha ha …! The best is that he thinks that with this costume he won’t be recognized! Ha ha ha ha…"

It’s evidence that after laughing, they acted as victims and giving the robber the money, they introduced into the bag of cash a surprise. When the man, very glad for how easy it had been, opened the bag for counting the money, the surprise (an explosive packet with red ink) exploded in his face and dyed of red dye all him.

Please, if you try to rob a bank, don’t be ridiculous. Try at least to preserve your identity and elaborate a plan!


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