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Football obsession

Fanatical supporters of football clubs are these days enjoying with the World Cup Football 2010. The most people is watching matches on TV because to go to South Africa for seeing the match in direct is very expensive and with some reports that are showing that there are cities where isn’t sure neither to walk on the street by fault of robberies is complicated to decide to travel there.

So TV is the best support for watching matches quietly lying on the sofa with a cold beer on the hands. But the problem is when after a match you want to watch another, and the next day you repeat the same operation, because you need more cocaine on the blood; because you feel that the next match will decide the classification of your team; because you want that the less favourite team win at least a match…

It arrives a moment in the life where you must know to say stop to this obsession, because there are other things around you that probably feel that you are coming crazy and they need that you become normal again, desiring that the World Cup finishes once and for all.


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