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Reading this article: Will humans be extinct within 100 years? One realises that life is for profiting at maximum because the future isn’t presented like a paradise precisely. The top five reasons that send us directly to the hell are:

1/ CLIMATE CHANGE – The evolution of the environment will influence negatively against mankind. With cold weather you can wear more clothes, but in front of rising temperatures you can only left until the skin, after there is the skeleton.

2/ FOOD WAR – With global droughts harvests will be more difficult to control, so it means more famine. Unless human beings knew to adapt for eating stones and sand.

3/ PANDEMIC – Swine flu has been only the beginning of one series of pandemic diseases that will affect mankind. Other like SIDA, CANCER… are still between us without a short term solution.

4/ NUCLEAR WAR – The collapse of civilizations is a very big problem, because every country wants to have reason and their point of view is always the best. Dialectical battles sometimes finish with punches, kicks… but some presidents like pressing the red button than boxing.

5/ ASTEROID IMPACT – Is the most probable situation, might be the least painful, because after the impact the death will come like a sigh of peace.

Sincerely, I prefer to think in positive because if one doesn’t ignore these stories is how for becoming crazy.


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