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Jun left a comment on my post "Addiction to Smoke Stronger than Normal" and told me:

- “I've always thought "electronic cigarettes" are a total waste of money. I don't know, it's like nothing beats a good cigarette. Even if it kills.

Also, that guy is lame. Why not taking the opportunity to stop smoking? He may not die from lung cancer by smoking those electronic... things, but he's still a nicotine addict! Sheesh!

Burning money smoking

Really, to smoke is money burned. Anyway, people that smoke is a little masochistic, because for more that authorities, doctors, scientists… say to them that their health will finish with a cancer they continue smoking.

It is similar when a friend says to you:

- “Don’t cross these river swimming because there are crocodiles” and you undress smiling and dive into the water. When you reach the other shore, look to yourself because sure that you are missing a leg.


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