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Within the brain of Bin Laden there was living a fly

Society obliges us to be more developed every day, from when we are born to when our life finishes. But everybody has his capacities, abilities, performance… Not all the people are the same, so it is evidence that only one of thousands will be born with a super developed capability. And it is because the most people are born with a similar brain, and only few of them will contemplate how their potentialities increase by fault to have a brain more improved.

A recently scientific study says: “Teenagers have difficulty concentrating on lessons because their brains are less developed” This interesting study reveals that is from on the early thirties when the brain becomes more rational, the thoughts are more ordered and the brain works more effectively.

So it isn’t the fault of the most teenagers to pass their days playing video games, thinking in parties, to have fun recording naughty videos, lose their free time playing games on Facebook… instead to have their head put on the books. It is fault of their poor brain that isn’t developed at all still.


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