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What happens when one dies? The two possibilities more extended and typical in the world are:

- You are buried in a cemetery.
- You are burned in a crematorium.

But in many occasions there is a third way, where your body finishes:

- Used for medical purposes.

It happens in this info, where they told: “60 human heads discovered at Arkansas airport. They would be used by neurosurgeons to study ear, nose and throat procedures

Nowadays, I don’t think in the possibility of people able to go to a cemetery and to stole a corpse for selling it to a medical centre for students would practise the surgery or other medical situations. It is a thing of the past. Like what happens with Frankenstein or in the short story of Robert Louis Stevenson: The body snatcher.

But the fact of finishing your life in this world in the hands of doctors, when all your life you have been afraid of them, because the most time to go to the doctor is similar when you are going to the mechanic for fixing the car and two days later the vehicle is broken again, it is what scares me.

Anyway, it’s necessary that doctors practise with dead bodies before than to take a living body and to mistake a liver with a kidney.


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