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Teenager put super glue in the pillow of his friend that was sleeping

There are some jokes that are funny and you can laugh while the victim realizes than in reality it wasn’t true, if not it was a comical situation and stars to laugh too. But there are other practical jokes where the victim suffers the consequences, generally for the insensibility of who practices the prank.

It happened on a camping, where a teenager wanted to do something funny for killing the boredom. So he thought that to stick the face of a friend in the pillow with “super glue” while he was sleeping the nap could be very funny. So he did it, with the terrible consequence that the “super glue” slid for the pillow and got the eye and ear of his friend. When he woke up one of his eyes had been sealed completely shut and the glue had trickled too into his ear so he couldn’t hear.

These practical jokes are very habitual that happens between teenagers. There are a lot of them that their consciousness is empty, similar to that of a mosquito. If not, sure that they don’t commit these barbarities that can finish in tragedy how happened in this story.


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