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CherylT left a comment on my post "Drawing Cartoons with a Graphic Tablet" and told me:

- “Hey, I also draw cartoons and have been using Paint - which is a horrible program for drawing. What is this graphics table and how do I get one?

Drawing with graphics tablet

There are a lot of manners to get a graphic tablet for free, but I have chosen the two more impractical for you:

- You can say in your blog that you will do free publicity of the drawing tool if the seller offers you one. If the provider considers that your talent for drawing adjusts to the market, sure that they will offer you a good item.

- How this first option would be improbable you can try to stole one. Approach to a computer store at night and choose what do you think is the best for you.

Really, the best manner to get one is going to a trust site that advises you and to pay money. Sure that for more than you spend it will be for you a saving in paper, pencils, ink, colors… The model will depend about your budget.


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