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Recycling is the future if we don’t want a world where the resources will finish quickly. It happens with paper and trees. Some years ago there were more forests than nowadays. Only with policies that allow to measure the impact of ecological disaster it’s possible to reduce the casualty.

But isn’t only a political question, where politicians are involved for developing laws that permit reduce the environmental shock that produces bad actions made for people without ecological awareness. It is a question too for people that know how to develop systems that provide us beneficial actions for decreasing some kind of rubbish that could be recyclable.

For example: what happens when your mobile phone is broken? The most people used to finish its material life into the garbage container, but with programs like recycle mobile phones the benefit is double:

- For one part you contribute to save the environment with dangerous material which is built the mobile phone.

- For another part you can get money according to the kind of mobile phone that you have. So for a thing that you were to throw to the garbage without to receive nothing you get some cash that after you want to use for buying another mobile phone with more performance if you want.

Nowadays there is not excuse for not recycling. There are a lot of sites, services… that offer you the possibility of becoming a good ecological person.


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