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According to a bad information that arrived to my broken fax, this humble blog has the exclusive about a pact between the director manager of an important package of channels and extraterrestrial TV. The deal was agreed some weeks ago and it will benefit all the Milky Way. All the planets involved in the area will be able to receive the signal of TV through some dish network deals that will offer a lot of channels to choose depending of the customer budget.

- “It’s the first step to a future working together humans and alien life. It will be the best manner to know each other, our different cultures, languages and activities. The exchange of channels will permit to know how alien life is, and they will learn about our manners. It will be the best encounter that we together can do, best than even an encounter face to face, where can go out our relations because sure that the communication would be strange” said in the press release Mr. Truman Capone, manager director and owner of the most important satellite that is turning around the Earth.

On the sheet that came out of the fax there was too some strange words that I didn’t understand. Sure that they would be declarations of the extraterrestrial managing director demonstrating their availability for the exchange of channels. But the most worrying for me is that in these alien words there are some disturbing symbols like missiles, bombs, explosions… So, I’m a little confused about if really they agree the deal or these weird signs mean a war declaration.

Anyway, before to call the president of USA for preventing the Earth about a possible alien menace, I must search a translator that would be able to decode these icons that I don’t understand.


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