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Bin Laden has changed our lives, might be forever. After he sent his men to fight against people that don’t think like them, we are living in a world that isn’t sure for anybody. We live prisoners of his terror being only question of luck to save our lives, especially when we are in one of the aims that they have how possible for massacre people.

One of the most dangerous sites that people use to be in is airports. They aren’t only at risk by fault of aerials accidents; also terrorists use them for hiding weapons of mass destruction, to pass through controls and to do exploding the plane with all the people into.

The most disturbing about all this is the fact that might be we are killing ourselves by fault of security systems implanted to avoid terrorist actions on the airports. It is astonishing read news how: “Full body scanners at airports could increase your risk of skin cancer, experts warn

So if there are people:

- That they are afraid of flying for the simple fact of don’t have the feet on the ground.

- Don’t like flying because they feel dizzy only crossing the plane door.

- That they think that a plane is like a crowded coffin.

for in addition scientists say that if you go to get a plane you can get a skin cancer. If airports were disrepute, it about cancer skin passing through a security system scanner finishes for taking away the desire of wanting to fly.


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