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Bin Laden spilling oil on the sea

I considered Obama how a God that was coming to the Earth for save us of the evil. But on the contrary, he is human how the rest of us, mortal human beings. Especially when one reads in the newspapers declarations of him like: “Barack Obama has compared the Gulf of Mexico oil spill to the September 11 terrorist

To compare what Bin Laden did that fatidic 9/11 with the petroleum spread is like to compare who throws rubbish in the sea with a killer. And I think that these two situations are completely different. It isn’t the same a person who commits an environmental crime compared with a person that kills hundreds of people.

Enough fault has Bin Laden with that he did, how for blaming him for all disasters that happens in the world like tsunami, earthquake, hurricanes, ecological disasters... I know that Bin is worse than Satan, and that he doesn’t worth a shit… but what happens in the Gulf of Mexico is a situation very different to that about 9/11. It isn’t question to change the subject for pleasing people; It is question to save the drama without cheap excuses.


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