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Elixir of life and the Death

Death is a factor with which we are always living. It’s an element of our lives that happens and resignedly we take for granted that one day or another someone will die. People don’t like to think that is the end of our destiny, we prefer to think in all the good things that we have here in our lives. Knowing that the fatality will occur, it’s only question to forget it, and when the casualty happens, it will be the moment to think about.

The two more important providers of corpses are:

- WAR: Peace between people and different cultures meeting together for respecting each other is the first measure to avoid more deaths.

- CAR CRASH: There are some drivers that are potential killers. They only think that the road is for them. A good behaviour on the road is fundamental for avoid that a car converts in a coffin with wheels.

The question would be to die because our body can’t work more, and not for situations that could be avoidable.


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