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Alien in the zoo feeded by the keeper

Animal life is a business. They can’t claim their condition because they haven’t known correct this situation against human beings. Even thought that tigers can beat a person, humans have known the manner to tame them. So is for that, we go to the zoo, circus, bullfighting… for seeing how powerful we are.

Recently I have read in the newspapers that there are signs of Life on Saturn's Moon Titan. If it is really true, it will be probable that a spatial expedition would go to the planet for verify, and to take some exemplars for showing in the zoo. Sure that it will the business of the century and the race for conquering the space will be a reality. Humans only need that really would have true evidences of something for trying to go for them.

But happens that technology, here in the Earth, isn’t developed at all for travelling on the space quickly and to return, fortunately for aliens. They have still time for developing their performances for don’t be abducted by us.


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