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Thomas Burton enjoyed a pleasure cruise that he had won sending hundreds of coupons for a contest that organized a known kind of cereals. Lying on the deck, he smoked with happiness his new acquisition of electronic cigarettes.

By cause of these cigarettes he had started to leave smoking. One can charge them with more or less quantity of nicotine, so it was great for stopping. Also, back rested these days of bad smell in the clothes, to disturb people in restaurants or going like a prisoner to reserved zones for smokers.

Suddenly a big storm appeared in the sky and without time to react the ship sank within the sea. Thomas woke up in a desert island. Fortunately his provision of cigarettes was still into his pocket, but soon it began to be a big problem. There was not a simple plug to charge the batteries for following smoking.

His addiction to nicotine was stronger than he expected, so desperate he explored all the island searching tobacco leafs that would relieve his anxiety.

- “Bad day for stopping to smoke” – he thought while touched lightly some tobacco leafs that he had found in a corner of the island – “To have found these little plantation of tobacco leafs is my perdition. My fate is written. I will die of lung cancer in a desert island by fault of an addiction to cigarettes that just I began to stop”.

What is a pleasure can become a fatality!


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