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Humans and plants need water for surviving

Water is necessary for surviving. If you don’t water a plant, it will die. Even for a cactus, which can survive without water for a long period, they need water. Humans are like plants, we need this precious liquid. We are 70% watery and if this percentage downloads until undesirable levels, the red light will star to blink quickly indicating that we need to fill the body again, and not only with Coke precisely.

So we are so fragile than plants. We have some difference, it’s evidence, but we need the same liquid element to develop our organism and to follow our life in this planet. If one day water evaporates of the Earth, until unsuspected limits, humans and plants won’t survive… it could be that animals that like living in extreme conditions, they would survive, so the Earth will convert in a planet without intelligence, unless some surviving animals develop some characteristic of human beings.

It’s for that, water is so important in our lives, and to waste it needlessly is a thing to avoid. And for more than politicians preach for the environment, these things star for ourselves.


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