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John Reno was driving at full speed on the highway when the police stopped him. He remembered that his car insurance had expired some months ago, but for one thing or another John hadn’t time to go to his agent for renewing it. So when the police man approached to him and asked for his auto insurance, John started to sweat a lot searching in his mind an excuse that was considered sufficient strong how for continuing his race against the suspect and avoid a possible withdrawal of his driving license.

John Reno stopped by a police man

"Sorry, but I’m following Barack Obama in a special incognito mission for protecting him of a possible terrorist attack. Apparently the FBI said that Bin Laden is following him and they hired me how the unique man that is able to stop a possible murder. Do you imagine that Obama is murdered how was Kennedy? You are stopping me and could be too much late if I don’t continue the race against the time. Every minute wasted is an opportunity to Bin for killing Obama."

The police man didn’t want complicate his life for whether the story that John was telling him was true, so he left to follow the way to John Reno, who breathed quietly.


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