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John Reno trying to refresh him with his broken electric fan

Soon the summer will arrive and John Reno was searching for an air conditioning for home. His little flat in the top-floor is very warm when the hot weather arrives. So this year is definitively the time to take one profiting that his electric fan is broken. “Away will be the hot days sweating how a pig” thought John, while he was driving to a store of air conditioners in the outskirts of the city.

The seller, a pretty blonde woman of blue eyes, flirted with him to engage the most expensive apparel, but when she realized that in reality John was flirting with her too, trying to touch her hip and approaching too much of her slender body, she turned around and ran quickly for the corridor escaping of the person that was becoming octopus.

Finally John came back at home carrying a cheap electric fan in his hands. He remembered that Paris Hilton had invited to pass this summer in her house. She needed protection for one of her Pomeranians and searching in the Yellow Pages found John. So, sure that if she cares him how to her dogs, sure that it will be the best and more refreshing summer of his life.


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