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Dog steals a bone from a dinosaur museum

What happened for that these beasts disappeared? A lot of theories give answer to this question, but the two more important are:

- ASTEROID IMPACT: A big meteor crashed against the Earth provoking the immediately death of all the animals that where in its aim. If probably all the dinosaurs of the Earth were meeting for celebrating “The dinosaur day” in the zone where the meteor impacted, it would be the best reason for that all dinosaurs became extinct together.

- VOLCANIC ACTIVITY: If all the volcanoes in the Earth agreed to do his activity together, it’s evident that the consequences would be a calamity doesn’t matter where the zone the animals lived. Imagine a similar situation in a public closed place where the entire people fart, the chemical condensation of the air will kill all the present people.

The dinosaurs extinction remain how one of the mysterious that involve our life in the Earth. May be that a day we will know the truth or not.


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