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Do we have the days counted here in the Earth? One read with stupefaction an info that tells: “Third of plants and animals at risk of extinction”. It’s evidence that with disasters how which happen a few days ago about a spilling of oil on the sea the environment takes the consequences and is impossible to recuperate quickly the eco system. It would be necessary a lot of centuries more for being in the same status that when the disaster happened.

The hand of the human being has a lot of fault in this business. Provoking ecological disasters is the first fault in a way:

- VOLUNTARY: They take out portions of nature and convert them in residential paradises, holidays centres, cities enlargement… and take out the animals of their environment and convert them in food, leathers, zoological spectacle…

- INVOLUNTARY. We can’t try to imagine that really they did these things voluntarily for damage the environment: Oil spill at sea, picnic fire, acid gas explosion, radioactive leak in a nuclear power station…

After we can speak about natural disasters that can provoke massive extinction too, but in this case the human being hasn’t anything to do. How for example what happens with dinosaurs. Only cloning them we will be able to return them to the Earth.

We must care more our planet if one day we don’t want that all the little good things will disappear of the Earth.


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