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John Reno and the pajamas sent by a secret admirer

When the postman arrived to the John Reno’s flat, he was sleeping. The ring, a strange noise between the squawk of a duck and the hoot of an owl, scared the delivery man, until the point to left the packet on the rug of the door and to run out quickly thinking that the sound really could be a savage animal starved by his owner.

John, bleary-eyed still, opened the door and didn’t see anybody. But when he went to close again the door he saw the packet on the rug. He bent down to pick up the consignment and read who the sender was: “Secret admirer with unknown address and the mark of red lips on the sender etiquette.”

At home, he put the packet on the kitchen table and with a knife opened it. There were some men’s pajamas. Really, he needed to renew his sleep clothes, full of holes and even patched, but John didn’t wait a present how that. Who was the sender? – He asked to himself again.

Without to find a true answer to his question, John put one of the pajamas and went to the bed. Soon an erotic dream in a pajamas party appeared in his mind, dreaming with his secret admirer.


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