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Wally help Bin Laden to hide him

If you are able to answer this question about where is Bin Laden you will be millionaire. It is how if you play lottery and you will get the jackpot. Only that, instead to sit in front of the TV for watching the numbers prized, you must work hard and go out for verify where Bin is for winning the big prize.

Bin Laden is the World’s public enemy number one. He is the person most searched in the planet. A terrorist able to:

- Kill your dog if it urinates in his boots.

- Snatch a lollipop to the children, suck it and return the stick rejoicing with the cry of the babies.

- Destroy a building with a lot of people into, in vengeance for don’t thinking how him.

If you, order taker of burger restaurant, receive one day the visit of Bin ordering a “McRoyal Deluxe” don’t be an hero and push quickly the button of emergency, because you know that the restaurant will fly on the airs in seconds.


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