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Ruman resources interview

Manufacturer enterprises must have taking control about all the fabrication process. Guarantee quality doesn’t mean that occasionally a bit of the production can have the risk of go out with a little damage. If the process is made only by robot machines, in this case and how robots don’t think only execute orders, the product will be perfect.

But what happens when in the fabrication process takes part the human being? That they don’t work how robots, they think, they can have awful thoughts, they can be macabre… So it isn’t strange to read news how: “A woman has spoken of her shock after opening a tin of pears only to find that one slice looked like a demonic face.”

It’s evident that the pear’s manufacturer says that their process it’s automated, so impossible that a similar thing happens. But it happened. So who was the human being that did similar brutality with a pear? Sure that if instead a demoniac face, the woman had found a Jesus Christ face, now we would be telling about divine apparition into canned pears.


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