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How the cat will die next time?

There are people that we can consider that are lucky in their lives, and there are animals that they are fortunate in some situations too. Especially cats. They live on the edge of their life, because they know that they have more than one life.

It happens in this info, where we can read: “Kitten survives washing machine cycle” Curiosity almost kills the cat, that saw a strange hole to explore and entered, without knowing that this hole belonged to a washing machine.

Nine, seven… how many lives does a cat have? It depends where it lives. In Spain for example, they have seven lives and in the United Kingdom people tell that a cat can live nine lives. So it’s evidence that a lot of cats take advantage of this situation and try to emigrate to the UK when they have come near the end of his seven lives; even they don’t need to learn English, because their language is universal, so the adaptation to the new territory is easier than for a person.

Anyway, it is a legend, how many stories that one believes how true and really only exist in the imagination of people.


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