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Man becomes cigarette

Recently, some governments have approved a law for printing in the pack of cigarettes photos that show true situations about what happens if you smoke. Strong images that even the less insensitive person of the world would take seriously.

The laws against to smoke every time is more restrictive for smokers. Little by little governments are taking out news restrictions for who dares light up a cigarette. And smokers feel that they are been placed in a coin of our society.

- If you want to smoke, go to the ambulant astray – the authorities tell – and don’t disturb people that don’t like to be contaminated for your damn smoke, because you are similar a criminal, that even you want to kill yourself smoking.

It’s hard to arrive to the extreme to demonstrate with awful pictures that really to smoke is very dangerous for the health. And the worst is that, even with these warnings, people will follow smoking without take the advices of the health authorities and to apply immediately to them.


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