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To drive drunk, drugged, sleepy, quickly… can be dangerous for the own person that drives how for a random person that in the fatal moment is crossing in the way of the crazy driver.

The big fatality in the moment of the accident is a calamity. The most people that are involved in a car crash result injured, even there are people that unfortunately can’t tell what happened.

I know a neighbour that in result of an accident car, now he is driving a wheelchair. The big problem for him, apart being damaged for the rest of his life, was that he lived in the top-floor of a building without lift. So it was for him an added difficulty to get over.

For the first moment, the option that the insurance company offered to him was correct. A structured settlement paid in annual instalments over a number of years. Although in the first moment he thought that it was good, it wasn’t a solution for his mobility problem.

Trapped in his flat, without to can go downstairs, unless for the help of the neighbours. So he decided to sell his structured settlement to a company that offered him a sum of cash. It was the best option, to take all the money and to buy a ground floor for not depending of the other for getting the street.

He could tell his misfortune. You can avoid that a similar situation happens. Only is question to be careful when you are driving, for yourself and for the other.


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