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Man in a burger restaurant eating a big burger

Is it possible to survive without to eat any kind of food and without to drink any liquid? It is what an Indian man claims from a long time. Prahlad Jani, the man who only lives breathing, is studied by scientists. They say that his body can contain or produce any substance that in the future can help people with eating problems, dehydration disorders…

Mystic Indian people are always searching new manners to know their own body that is stuck with a spiritual form. And precisely is this spiritual life force which pushes them to learn more about. Meditation is their first objective, so in the most cases they forget that they must eat and drink. But what happens then? That they are so near of the spiritual life where isn’t necessary to do this basic things for surviving, that they really forget feed them.

Is all that question of suggestion? When people do a hunger strike they don’t resist a month, because they know that need these essential elements to survive. When it is a thing that you choose without stress, knowing that the nature is there for help you, it is then, when it works.


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