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The Earth with flatulences

The inside of the Earth is moving. Sometimes nothing is happening, but when tectonic plates are moving the entire planet gets the consequences. The future of the Earth how we know that is nowadays can change from a day to another and may be the new generations will study at the college the new continents, new countries and may be a new climate.

The revolution in the Earth, of thought and manner to live, won’t depend about us, human beings, it will be conditioned by changes occurring in the Earth. An earthquake that for example completely destroys a country can entail a collective immigration of surviving population to another state or settle in a new place having to star all again: infrastructures, rules, laws …

When dinosaurs disappeared of the Earth, it wasn’t an action where the human hand was involved. So it was a natural disaster that changed completely the manner to live here. If there were some humans that survived to this disaster they must adapt to chase other animals that not were big beasts.

The Earth isn’t only moving around the sun, inside of it, guts are churning too.


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