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The perfect robot that helps us with the housework doesn’t exist still. There are prototypes and devices in development, but it will be for other generations that will enjoy with these technological advances. So to read in newspaper headlines how: “At last, scientists have designed a robot that really can help with the housework” is a thing to avoid, because these news are filled of utopias and made your mouth water, because you really would need a such machine and it doesn’t exist for the moment.

But if you look carefully, your house is full of devices that in reality are robots that help you with the housework.

- Washing machine: It washes the clothes. In the past people went to the bank river to wash them. Really it was harmful for rivers that were full of soap and a lot of fishes died.

- Fridge: It keeps the food fresh and healthy. In the past people went to the North Pole for ice, but by the way melted all. Nowadays we are supporting this thaw for these people that without scruples take out big amounts of ice.

- Vacuum cleaner: There are people that sweep the house still. But this gadget is more effective than the broom. Imagine a car in a sand road that raise the dust, it’s the same that a broom. The vacuum cleaner eats the dust without suspicion.

Really we have a lot of devices that do us the life easier. But happens that we, dissatisfied human beings, always want more relax and less hateful housework.


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