Jenny wanted to cheat his colleague that was sitting next to her in the office and didn’t know how to proceed. Henry was the kind of person that always is boasting about his lifestyle: expensive costumes, Audi A8, big house … It was evident that working as brokers in an important enterprise they won a lot of money, but what Jenny hated about him was how he liked to show off his posh stuff.

One day she discovered one thing which he hated a lot: “to lose money on sports bets”. It was in the women’s toilet when she heard the cleaning lady speaking with the secretary manager that Henry had come drunk to the office after to lose a lot of money on the horse racing. Jenny remembered that day how the worst day she had passed beside him for his vodka breath. She ignored in that moment that was for he had lose a lot of money on sports betting.

So it was the hour revenge. She thought in a silly plan, unable to discover for short minds. Jenny invited Henry to dinner in a luxurious restaurant and he accepted without suspicion, thinking that she was easy prey to pass the night. After dinner, bearing his hilarious boast, and taking the last brandy glass in the bar, they were watching how Tiger Woods was playing the last hole on the TV. She said:

- “I bet to pass the night with you against your Audi A8 that Tiger does a bogey and he loses the match”.

Henry accepted thinking that a crazy night was waiting for him, because Tiger always is a winner, impossible to do a bogey in a last hole that could give him the victory.

But Tiger failed and Jenny, that won the bet, go out driving the spectacular Henry’s Audi A8. It was a play so simple how to watch repeated news.

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