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Go on holidays can be dangerous for your skin when you are going to a city searching the sun. People that live in zones with a weather colder than the rest, or they are living in zones where always is raining for example, it’s evident that they want to search zones hotter where to pass their quiet days. Here is the problem, because they have the skin adapted to the climate of their cooler region.

Health authorities give some advices to avoid the warming in your skin and just like that to prevent skin cancer too:

- Sunbathe contributes to the elderly an augmentation of vitamin D in their blood that it gives them an excellent prevention for fractures, but for the contrary an excess of sun can behave harmful because it accelerates the ageing skin. So some extra minutes of sun and you can’t tell more.

- If you carry the dog with you to the beach, in case of burned skin is convenient to spread the blotch zone with ice cream. The dog will smell and will lick it. The mixture of dog spit, ice cream and the own skin burned creates an ointment that will heal the zone in seconds.

- In case that you don’t like sunbathing and instead it you want to “moonbathe” you must consider that it is also harmful because you can become a werewolf.

- It’s convenient to spread the body with some kind of sun protection before you go to the beach to prevent burns. It isn’t convenient to use SUN OIL because you can became fried.

Don’t take risks: prevention is better than cure!


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