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There are days where a question is buzzing you and doesn’t stop until you find the answer. But the problem is that there are questions that don’t have solutions. The paranoiac question that today in the morning, after wake up, was worrying me in my brain was: Does an object choose you, until the point to be very close to it?

I remember Harry Potter film where in the shop wands, Mr. Ollivander the owner of the wands shop said to Harry:

- “The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter. It's not always clear why

A curious thing happens with drums. In a TV reportage was interviewed a man that makes drums. He says:

- Every drum is different. The same materials, the same shape, the same manner to build the instruments and they always sound different. You can’t find two drums that sound equal.

So in this case is the same that happens with Harry. When you are going to buy a drum, does the drum choose you? Or do you choose the drum in function of the sound that transmits to you?

There are objects that always are in the house, in the same position, in the same place. How did this object arrive to your house? A present from a relative, a friend’s gift … In this case the object that you don’t have choose own to you in the moment that your open the gift wrap. And you are close to it without to have chosen it.

It’s difficult to find an answer to whether an object chooses you or you are who chooses the object.


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