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Brain modified by magnets

It could be science fiction, but really experiments that try to control the mind of people are becoming reality. A recently research says: “Scientists discover moral compass in the brain which can be controlled by magnets

This scientific study is worrying because with some simple magnets the brain can be modified in the sense that they want. It’s evident that this discovery can be beneficial with people that their behaviour isn’t considered how normal and can try to heal their mind and to arrive for transforming them in people not dangerous for our society, but in bad hands it can be a strong weapon.

- In the supermarket heavy magnets pointing to the brain people can decide their purchase for a product or another.
- Military can use it for say their soldiers that kill is good.
- Governors can control the voting intentions.
- A new generation of slaves could be born.

I’m terrified with some new scientific researches that give us the possibility to be more socials but on the contrary they bring us the possibility of to be more awful too.


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