In the old people’s home was the hour to play bingo. But for Evelyn it started to become a nightmare. Every time it was the same, nothing changed from one Saturday afternoon to another. The elderly entertainer was very good-looking but she wasn’t looking for his muscular arms or his tight pants that enhanced his attributes. She only gazed into space trying to pass these two hours of damned game until the time to take the pills and go to the bed. “What a waste of stupid time!” thought. The psychologist of the group always tried to cheer her up but Evelyn remained in her inner world.

One day technology arrived to the old people’s home and one of the rooms was destined for teaching them in how a computer works. For Evelyn it was to break with the daily routine and to find new motivations for distracting the attention to other things that were not pills and diseases. Computer and Internet was most for her than other things, because she liked to be alone without people that disturbed her of her thoughts, and typing to search things in, it was amazing for Evelyn, that discovered a new world of feelings and themes of learning.

But you know that there is an expression that is an urban legend that says more or less: “What you don’t like in the life you will like on the Internet” and it is what happened to Evelyn. She hated playing bingo in the real life and finished hooked in games online and when the psychologist discovered her addiction playing in web pages online like bingos or poker it was very later, because she had wasted all the retirement money playing games online.

Fortunately, Evelyn’s relatives prosecuted the elderly people’s home and won the case, been based in the neglect of the staff that didn’t take care of her and other affected.

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