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John Reno was following the lover of Mary. His client hired him to chase in action the two lovers. He detested this kind of works because when John delivered the proof of the fault to the client, he never got charge the service. The client was always very angry knowing that the partner was committing infidelity. So with the evidence of adultery in the hand, they usually broke to cry and went out of his office running for revenging without to remember to pay the honoraries.

It was 8 o’clock in the afternoon and the two lovers had an appointment at the front door of the pub “The Duck Quacks”. Quietly John followed the couple into the local. They were laughing in a table at back of the room and John ordered a cold beer. The hours were passing and the beer was the best of the city, so over the bar twenty beer tankards and John very drunk.

John Reno drinking beer in a pub

It was very late and only John remained in the pub. He paid the drink and following two exit signs got go out of the local. No trace of the two lovers. Another day lost without reward, but with an exquisite memory of the Duck’s beer.


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