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There are scientific studies that seem asshole. What never have you thought they want to know. Scientifics research the things more impossible and try to give us an explanation about why it is happening if you choose one way or another. One of these studies without sense for the rest of humans is this:

Handling a wad of cash may be as good at killing pain than ibuprofen or aspirin

Absurd study for people that are all the day working with amounts of money and when finish their workday they arrive at home with a horrible headache:

- Supermarket cashier: It’s not enough with to pass for the bar-code lector amounts of food during the day that in addition they must control not give the client the wrong change.

- Bank cashier: It’s important for them to know exactly the foreign exchange for not give more or less money to the client.

- Enterprise accountant: One simple error putting the numbers in an Excel cell can carry the enterprise to the bankruptcy.

So, it’s evident that for all these collective that operate with amounts of money all the day, this study only represents for them a headache, which only will be cured by an aspirin or ibuprofen.


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