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Prehistoric human beings would have liked to sleep in a cosy mattress. It must be hard for them to pass the night lying in bear fur on the cold ground. It considering that in the region where they lived had bears, because in other zones sure that they must conform to sleep in pelts of cows, horses or even dogs, that sure wasn’t the same that a warm bearskin. But, if human beings have gone evolving until the present that we know, sure that they found the manner to rest quietly in a good animal skin that provided them the necessary comfort to continue fighting every day, because without a good rest is impossible to follow the daily activity.

A good rest gives you the required energy to face the daily routine. People that don’t get sleep all the night, for different reasons, after are passing the day tired, angry and drinking a lot of coffee for uplifting. And it isn’t necessary to drink a lot of valerian or sleeping infusions. This problem can be solved simply changing the old bed for a mattress that adapts to your body or the typical latex mattress that provides you the most comfortable dreams that you never had had.

But sometimes isn’t only questioning of change the mattress. There are other factors that can influence to pass a bad night how for example to have children. I have some friends that called their son “Caffeine” because he kept them awake all the night; or for example to have noisy neighbours that don’t down the volume of the TV at night and their living room is next to your bedroom. These external factors that can influence a good or not sleep are more difficult to solve them, uncontrollable even having the best mattress of the world.


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