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Nil by mouth, English confusion with a nurse in the Hospital

English language has become one of the most important languages in the world and to know it perfectly open you a lot of doors. But happens that it is a complex language that has a lot of exceptions and you don’t read the same that you hear. This point is a double-edged sword, because you need to learn two languages: what is writing and what you are hearing. Native English people can laugh about this perception that I have about it, but foreign people sure that understand me.

So isn’t surprising to read in the newspaper one info how this: “Hospital forced to give English lessons to foreign staff who come from 70 different countries” It’s not sufficient with to know how to heal a patient, for the best doctor or nurse that you are, if you are working in a English hospital and you don’t understand the language.

With the globalisation and people searching a best place to work, it’s evident that all the world need or translators fixed in their brain or people that worry about help them with language.


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