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Man with 3D glasses surprised by the breast of a friend

Revolution on the cinema is 3D films. What you see is a distortion of the images that seem approaching to you how if you were into the movie. These years ahead we will see how this technology will go developing until the point to have in our living room a TV where to watch 3D programs.

Never, for example, to watch a war invasion in direct for American forces entering into enemy territory will be so amazing, and sure that TV News like CNN will take profit about this new manner to show what happens in the world.

But how always happens with new inventions, risks are not calculated and scientists try to take out what will be the possible diseases watching a 3D film: dizziness, nauseas, headaches ...

Sure that in evolution of it will be ophthalmologists in their medical consultations and glasses shops who will take a lot of profit of all this. The firsts for healing eye diseases and the seconds for preparing 3D glasses with a superior monetary supplement for people that are myopic.


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