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Recently we have assisted to the first case of human being that has been considered how “person without gender, so isn’t man or woman”. What will be the next? One thing that passes through my brain is the possibility about a mixture between human and animal. Along the history the humanity has had thousands of weird personages but any have become truth, all form part of the mythology and imagination of people:

- WEREWOLF: When the full moon appears in the dark night a man becomes wolf. If you cross with someone the best manner to move away the creature is throwing a stick and shouting fetch!

- MERMAID: Aquatic creature half human body that instead legs it has a tail of a fish. If when you are going to diving you see one of these creatures rising a sea-horse don’t disturb them, they are playing water polo.

- CENTAUR: A human being that their legs become the body of a horse. Centaurs describe their home life as being stable.

- SPIDERMAN: Half man, half spider. It is able to rise walls and to build cobwebs for catch his enemies. Spiderman isn't afraid of anything, except for Shoe-girl.

This 21st century must give us the exclusive about a real creature half human, half animal or the first baby born half human, half alien. It will be amazing news!


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