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There isn’t explanation possible to these kinds of people that are able to stick in their body some explosive devices and blow up themselves in the name of a religion, political ideas or simply because they are so asshole that neither their lives nor the lives of other innocent people are important for them.

There are things more great to do that to go killing for the simply fact of kill, because they know that it only serves for attracting attention to them and generate more hate to their manner to think. They know that with killings won’t get resolutions to their problems but they persist in this idea about to kill. I think that if their GOD really exists it won’t be very happy about what their people are making.

Suicide bomber in the underground talking with God

And people that leave their lives in the hands of these gang of bastard, until the point to kill themselves, the fault of these people is the fear to live with a gun pointing in their head and in their family. If not, they will be able to revolt against their instigators and to fight against the horror and massacre that they are committing.


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