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Human beings always have wanted to control animals. Domesticate them is a hobby for us, even to tame wild beasts like lions, crocodiles, elephants… But it happens that when we try to take out them from their environment they don’t feel very good. For us is fun to see how a man is able to tame a tiger in a circus, for example; but for them it must be disgusting.

An interesting report of Newcastle University says: “Thrill-seeking holidaymakers are putting dolphins at risk” The research says that swimming with dolphins stress them, especially when tourists approach to them at sea and play or give them food, because these actions distract them of their own obligations: feeding themselves, socialising with other dolphins or simply resting.

It is a kind of new hobby for a lot of posh people that give some extra money to boat drivers for to be nearest of the animals with the serious health consequences for them. Devouring nature is a hobby for us, human beings!

Dolphin dead in a fishbowl


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