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Hello and welcome to LYNG NEWS AT NINE, the unique news bulletin that investigates within the true and converts it in a white lie. Today: “The boy that prosecuted his father for not recycle the rubbish

Lying News at nine, today the son that prosecutes his father for not recycling

Once upon a time there were some perfect parents that:

- Brushed the teeth of their children.
- Recited a prayer at the table before to eat the aliments.
- They got the dog for a walk and pick up its excrements.

All was perfect except for a question: “The father put all the rubbish in the same plastic box, without to separate the different materials for recycling in the containers specified for this matter

One day the boy went to the police and prosecutes his father delivering to the police a home video where they can see how the boy’s father didn’t separate the rubbish for recycling.

The father declared the judge: “The containers for recycling are very far and it's difficult for me to go to them, because I need to walk with crutches how you can see

The man was considered innocent and the judge ordered to put recycling containers near his house, so just like that there isn't excuse for not recycling.


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