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There are people that like risking their lives for fun or for pure bullshit. One of the most violent adrenaline rush is the “Russian roulette”. This is a play where within a gun there is only a bullet. One put the gun pointing the head and shoots. If the person has luck and the shooting is failed the gun pass to another person. It just until the true bullet destroys the head of the person with bad luck.

Russian roulette, a dangerous gambling

It can star how a joke for fun and to become really a tragedy. It happens in Russia: “A Russian wedding has ended in tragedy after a game of Russian roulette went wrong” It results that with the euphoria of drinking, the happiness of the moment and dead drunk, the wedding guests decide to play this “game” with the terrible consequence for one of them that won’t be more here to tell how happy was when put the gun in the head.

Regrettably these stories that could be avoidable sometimes happen. Having, how there is, in the world a lot of others games more funny and less dangerous than the Russian roulette.


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