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It would result difficult to rob a bank nowadays, because with all the new technology, computers, and alarm systems it almost becomes impossible to make a robbery. But it happens still. And there are gangs that like to plan hard how to enter into the building and to escape without suspicion.

This info relates how robbers had successful robbing a bank: “Robbers tunnelled their way into a bank and made off with valuables from almost 200 private safe boxes” It’s evident that how says the info, the bank’s security was insufficient, but sure that for more deficient that was the alarm system you are going to rob the bank and the police catch you with the hands in the dough.

I don’t know if the neighbourhood was completely deaf or if there were hard works in the street surroundings for don’t hear suspicious noises. Unless, the gang used a machine with silencer to go through the neighbouring building to the bank.

The elderly think that they are looking a new entry to the bank in their own building when in reality it was a robbery

It demonstrates, that you simply human being, have the same possibilities for winning the lottery that robbing a bank. Evidently the best way is to bet in the lucky numbers.


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