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What is happening in Chile is terrible. They not only must cope with the earthquake consequences if not that they are obliged to fight against the own population.

When one speaks about a fatality we always hear about solidarity and rescue teams that are coming to the damaged place to help people. But, how a coin that have two faces, in these tragedies come the worst of human beings too.

To take profit over the misfortunes of others is considered how disgusting. One wonders:

- How people can loot a building that is demolished for a natural disaster?

- How people can pillage commercial establishments when a disaster is happening?

- How people are so nasty for to steal people that just lost their house, enter into the debris and to take their belongings?

This situation only can be explained by the words “desperation and survival”.

- DESPERATION: Scavenging in the rubbish what you need.
- SURVIVAL: The law of human pecking order.

The worst of human species is happening in Chile and in Haiti. Only hyenas and vultures like this behaviour.


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