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Recently we have assisted to the first case in the world where a person is declared how “without sex”. Norrie May-Welby, has become the first human being that doesn’t love men or women. It means that when it looks a porn magazine there isn’t a natural reaction in its body with a naked woman or a good-looking man.

Norrie May Welby trying trying to make advances with a monkey

In declarations published in The Times of India it said: “I’ve never felt completely male or female” So when you write for this person in English is convenient to use the pronoun IT that designs: “…an animate being whose sex is unspecified, unknown, or irrelevant…

Sure that this story is only the beginning, because you know that when one sees UFOS hundreds of people begin to see spacecrafts everywhere too. And it’s a bad thing for the society because if people begin for to be genderless one could say goodbye to offspring; if there isn’t feeling between someone of the opposite sex there isn’t copulation, and without copulation human beings may be in danger of extinction.


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