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The envy, jealousy are always bad adviser. If you try to get the status that your neighbour has, you can die trying. It is what a report says: “Keeping up with the Joneses makes you unhappy and can even drive you to kill yourself

keep up with the Joneseses: a man that was Paris Hilton's neighbour now lives in the poverty!

To have a status social is important for a lot of people and they fill their lives with fast and expensive cars, large homes, jewels, going to private fashion parties… To be neighbour of one of these families and try to emulate their lifestyle is dangerous for the health, arriving to the point that if you don’t get the same as they you can finish with an awful mental paranoia.

Social differences will always exist, and try to equate a society where didn't have rich and poor is a utopia. The best is to try to be happy with what you have and don’t try to get impossible goals. And if you neighbour has a car faster than you, think that he can die one day on the motorway for go so fast.

It’s not necessary to conform with what you have and try to improve is good, but not to the point to risk your health.


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