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The death it’s a real thing and it’s inevitable. You can’t escape to it and one day or another you will die. This subject isn’t nice to tell because we are very stuck to the life how for thinking in the death. All the resources to avoid it are insufficient. The fate of one person is a thing that more or less you can control but the end is the same for all the people.

A lot of people for alleviating this fatality opt for believing that there is life after death; that we are living for living another life more spiritual; that this walkout in the Earth is only the beginning of a new life where to live in a status of permanently happiness.

Actually a growing number of people that are agnostic have become pessimistic. They accept that to die is the end of their life. This argument has terrible consequences because the people that think it are tempted to say that the life is all for them, that they have right to do what they want and to enjoy the most because tomorrow may die.

a worm has eaten a corpse in the cemetery


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